Igor Urrutikoetxea always with us!

Nazionale -

Five years ago LAB's International Relations Secretary Igor Urrutikoetxea passed away after an accident in Brazil. That's why, this year fifth anniversary we have organized different activities in the memory of his life and militant trajectory. With this message we send you attached one poster with the activities (Basque language), to diffuse if you want.

Those are the different activities organized:

    -23th of November; Talk and meeting at 11:30 in LAB's headquarter in Bilbao, with Lucy Rodríguez from Intersindical Canaria and Manolo Camaño     from CUT Galiza; "Hatching future from the memory"

    -25th of November; Tribute at 12 o'clock in Lezama (Igor's own town), popular lunch and talk and meeting with Lucy Rodriguez; "Tourism and         migration in oppressed countries".

Igor Urrutikoetxea always with us!

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