Greetings for the 10 years since the Foundation of Unione Sindicale di Base

Nazionale -

PAME salutes the 10 years of life and action of Unione Sindicale di Base of Italy.

Dear comrades of USB, PAME, the class trade union movement of Greece, your brothers in the big global family of WFTU, we welcome the 10 years since the founding conference of USB.

The action of USB during these 10 years in Italy, is recognized by all as an important contribution to the global struggle of workers against employers, against imperialist organizations such as the EU and NATO, but above all your great contribution to the organization of the Italian working class with the line of class struggle is an important contribution to the struggle against the forces of class cooperation, the European Trade Union Confederation  which have corrupted and subjugated large and historic unions in the service of employers and governments. A great example that stood out in recent months with the outbreak of the pandemic, where USB stood up to the demands of the Italian Government and CONFIDUSTRIA, organizing the first strike across Europe during the quarantine, defending the lives and rights of the workers of Italy.

On the 10th anniversary since the founding of USB, we respectfully stand before the martyrs of the struggle, the comrades who fell in battle, such as our brothers, USB cadres, Abd El Salam who was killed on the picket line, and Soumaila Sacko who was killed in the struggle for the organization of migrant land workers.

At the same time, on behalf of PAME we want to thank you for your firm and unwavering solidarity in the struggles of the workers of Greece. Even your practical help in a number of issues, initiatives and actions.

Although the pandemic did not allow us to be with you, with our physical presence in this historic moment, we are and will be by your side in the workplaces, in factories and services, in the fields and industries, where the working class lives, breathes and fights. We are and will be by your side in the streets of struggle against exploitation and injustice. Against racism, xenophobia, nationalism and fascism. We are together in the common struggle of the working class to break the chains of exploitation and to put into practice the historical slogan of the working class "PROLETARIANS OF ALL COUNTRIES UNITE!".

Long live the 10 Years of Life and Action of Unione Sindicale di Base!

Long live the International Working Class!


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