Greece: the judiciary puts on trial activists and leaders of the class union PAME

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Solidarity and support from USB

It’s continuing the repressive campaign against the class oriented trade union, across the European Union. Last week, the Greek judiciary has called in trial several national and local leaders of PAME (Hellenic Workers Militant Front) accusing them of having promoted and participated in the mobilizations of workers of tourism sector.

They are accused of having participated in April 2010 in pickets in front of the Hotel organized by tourism workers against dismissal, the policies of the European Union and the government greek and to get the salary increases.

These accusations are ridiculous, what else should do a class organization if not defend the interests of workers?

Since five years the Greek working class is fighting heroically against the anti-people policies of the Troika that are destroying the social fabric and production of the country.

PAME, to which the USB expresses solidarity and support, has rightly chosen to give a perspective to the working class through the more correct way, the way of the struggle for a future of progress and for the dignity.

In front of the international capital that would wanted to bend the Greek workers, the response of PAME was been a resistance made of general local strikes, of campaigns of mobilization and of class solidarity, like that against the detachments of electricity.

We are together with the Greek workers, with the leadership of PAME, a fraternal organization to which we are bound by common militancy in the WFTU and in the struggle to overthrow the barbarity of the anti-people policies of the EU and to give a future of solidarity and progress to the workers.

In Europe and the rest of the world, the trade union class oriented, although with different intensity, are subjected to repressive attacks by the forces of capital. The right answer to this reactionary plan reactionary is that to reinforce the struggles and developing the international trade union class oriented movement of WFTU.

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