Greece February 13 general strike of farmers and farm workers

USB supports the resistance of the greek people against the EU and the Government Syriza -Anel

Roma -


The USB greets the mass mobilization of the Greek farmers against the economic policies of the Syriza- Anel government, which will result in the general strike of 48 hours of 13 February.

After just ten days from the general strike on February 4, this time will be the Greek farmers impoverished by the economic crisis and by the EU's policies to take to the streets against the bill of Tsipras Government, which  affecting Social Security, attacks the pensions, wages and welfare.

In all EU countries, governments, through the laws of stability, the cuts to public services, the reduction of wages, of pensions and the policies of privatizations, are  diverting economic resources from the working classes to advantage  of the great capital.

The trade unions related to the CES  and the political parties  which  try to confuse the workers about the  re-formability of the European Union, commit a double crime; on the one hand they are disarming the workers, on the other hand they are strengthening a hegemonic pole, the UE, that is doing the social war against the working classes and using the  war as an instrument of control and robbery outside its borders.

The USB renews its  militant and internationalist solidarity with the Greek working class.

February 13, '16, will be another day of resistance, which will see the greek working class  to block the country and to  scream aloud to the peoples of Europe;  it's time to fight  the EU's cage that want to makes us slaves!

USB International Office

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