Full support and solidarity to the dockers and union activists of PEMEN and PAME

Roma -

The Unione Sindacale di Base expresses its full support and solidarity to the dockers and union activists of PEMEN  and PAME unfairly persecuted.

Once again, the courts and police are at the service of the interests of employers, arresting and denouncing workers and trade unionists who are opposed to the  layoffs, the wage cuts and to the increase of the exploitation.

Across the continent, the European Union, the ECB, the IMF, together with national governments are conducting a deep attack against the working class, by persecuting the unions of class, in an attempt to break the resistance of workers.
The independent organization of workers is the heart and the head of the movement of the entire working class and the last five years of protests and general strikes against the policies of the troika are there to prove it.

Comrades we are on your side, united in the same struggle to strengthen the trade union oriented class movement, through  the FSM in Europe and in the world, to break the cage of the European Union to defeat the repressive attack against the workers .

USB International Office 19.03.2015

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