Freedom for the greek unionist leaders

Roma -

The USB  joins to the protest of PAME and demands the immediate release of the union leaders of Zavel Food Industry.

The workers of the Food Industry Zavel along with PAME were again on strike on October 3, demanding  cancelation of layoffs, payment of accrued wages, health and safety regulations, and singing of Collective Contract.

Fundamental rights, that the arrogance of the master wants to cancel, to keep intact its profits and download the economic crisis on the shoulder of the workers.

Stronger becomes the master’s against  the workers, the harder is the  repression against workers' struggles and against its leaders. In the entire European Union from Greece to Italy via the Basque country, Spain, the ruling class has unleashed a campaign of repression against the trade union movement class and against the trade union rights.

In the democracy of the puppet governments of  Brussels, there is no room for the interests of the workers and the popular classes, our rights and we must obtain and defend only fighting and  breaking the EU’s cage.

The USB salutes the comrades of PAME and the other sections of the FSM-WFTU  who have expressed solidarity  for the attacks that the USB has received, and the same way, we join with them strongly advocates freedom for the Greek trade union leaders arrested and attacked by repression .

Solidarity and support to the workers of Zavel Food Industry

Rome  October 3, 2015

USB International Office

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