December 3: Greece stops in defense of social security. From the USB all the support and the solidarity to the resistance of the Greek people


The USB salutes the  workers, pensioners, the unemployed, the popular sectors that take part to the Greek general strike on December 3rd in defense of the social security system  attacked by the Syriza- Anel government and by the EU.
After the general strike of 12 November one time again the factories, the public and private offices, shops and schools will be emptied to fill the squares with men and women determined to block the road at the EU and to take in the hands  their own future.
The struggle of the Greek working class is our struggle, the enemy is common it sits in the banks and in the  headquarters of the multinationals.
In November 20 the USB has called the public sector workers and of the public services privatized to take part at the general strike in order to defend wages and social services attacked by the Government Renzi and by EU policies.
In the troika memorandum and in the policies of EU governments there is no room for the interests of the workers and the popular classes, only fighting to break  the EU’s cage we can defend and obtain  our interests.

USB international department

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