Bologna : Harsh sentences against nine USB militants

Bologna : Harsh sentences against nine USB militants

Italian leadership is building a reactionary cage


Bologna -

Nine comrades were condamned because they have participated at the demonstration after the murder of the Abd Elslam . The USB delegate of the logistics invested by a truck during a strike at the GLS of Piacenza, the night between 14 and 15 September.

In Bologna, as in many other Italian cities, at the news of the murder of our comrade and brother, the USB had called the workers to came down in to the square. Everywhere the answer was immediate and determined.

Now, the Judge for the Preliminary Investigation of Bologna (GIP) has condamned the nine young militants to pay pecuniaries penalties, averaging 25,000 euros for each one of them , instead of months and months of imprisonment .

Some of them was condamned to have organized the demostration without the needed permission, to have ask three days before to the Police. Another comrade was be condamned to have lighted a non licensed smoke torch. All of them are accused to have forced the police cords in order to come inside the station and to comunicate the murder of a worker to the citizenship.

"It is clear the will to hit the USB and who exercises the right to the conflict - says Pierpaolo Leonardi of the National Executive of USB .

- Abd El Salam's assassination took place during a very hard and determined labor dispute against layoffs in GLS and to guarantee rights to the workers of that company. Abd El was our factory delegate and was on the square to play his role as USB militant. Today while other workers die

under the exploitation, the judiciary hits hard those who have demonstrated together to thousands of other men and women against the killing their own companion. "

The repressive design has been recently legitimized with the release of the Minniti decree (Interior Minister). This law has the target to be attack rudely the social and union struggles.

The USB announces a wide initiative to contrast this reactionary attack, to defend its militants and to call the social and class movement to react against this violent attack of the bourgesois.

Every where inside the EU, day by day the reactionary class is building a cage that besieging the working class, it's time to broke it.

USB International Office

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