Bob Crow. Messaggio dell'USB

Roma -

The sudden death of Bob Crow it a huge loss not only for the the transport workers of Great Britain, not only for the struggles of all british workers, but also for the class based and conflictual labor movement in all Europe.

USB from Italy really apprecciated Mr Crow's effort to build, inside WFTU, a powerful and connected union's network in our continent to raise up the struggle of all european workers, as he stated just a month ago during his visit in Rome.

Too short was his time left to begin the effort.

Strong is the legacy we feel to take ahead the job he couldn't do.

USB wishes to extend the condolences to the Bob Crown family and all RMT members.

Rome, march 12th 2014

                                                  From USB International Department
                                                        Paolo Leonardi
                                                        Paola Palmieri
                                                       Francesco Staccioli

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