Big strike of PAME in Greece


With many big rallies in 67 cities of the country the strike of PAME held yesterday was very successful. No planes were landed or took off yesterday at the Athens airport. No ship moved from the ports of the country. In the private sector the number of strikers was high.

The strikers are protesting against the policies of PASOK government (Social Democrats) which is freezing wages and pensions for 2010, increases the tax burden on workers and increases the retirement age limit by two years.

Main motto of the strikers was "We will not pay the capitalist crisis" . In Athens, thousands of strikers were gathered in front of the Greek Parliament and marched to the Labor Ministry. Along with the strikers was a big delegation of WFTU along with banners for the economic immigrants.

Against to yesterday's strike was the Social Democrats trade unionists who support the government and use the argument that "it is not Athens to blame for the anti-labor policies, but Brussels"!

Another strike will be held in Greece on February 24 with the same demands.

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