Another USB migrant militant was killed.

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Soumaila Sacko, a 29-year-old Malian migrant always in the front row of the USB trade unions and social workers.

Another USB migrant militant was killed.

After Abdel Salam in Piacenza another migrant worker, the twenty-nine Malian Soumaila Sacko, inside the path of USB struggles between the workers of the plain of Gioia Tauro, was killed last night while together with other migrants he was near a disused factory perhaps to look for sheets or boards with which to build their own shack. He was joined by one of the rifle shots fired from 150 meters .

No reason behind the aggression, no relationship had ever existed between migrants who split their backs into the Piana citrus harvest and the killer.

All you need is black leather, you just need to know that you are protected and shared by the declarations of the new interior of Salvini, of the former Minniti and of the one before that of Alfano.

In the area of Gioia Tauro there are over 4,000 laborers in the collection of low-cost citrus fruit from the producers of oranges, clementines and kiwis. Most of them are concentrated in St. Ferdinand where serious sanitary deficiencies remain in the living area.

Legitimate defense, rejection, iron fist, end of the pacchus is on the basis of these indications that the killer has considered it his right to open the target on Soumaila and his brothers.

There is no one responsible, there is no chance, there is a climate of hatred built by those who seek to download on migrants the anger of those affected by policies of attack on the living conditions of workers and their families requested by the European Union and implemented by all governments.

We will give a response, the greatest possible, to this murder, starting with the general strike of the laborers proclaimed by the USB for Monday 4 June and the national demonstration already called in Rome on June 16 in Rome.